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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Handy Tips for Trash Bag Sizing

What Size Trash Bag Do I Need?

Most containers will have the gallon capacity printed on them. Below is a guide for recommended trash bag sizes based on gallon capacity:

Gallon Capacity

8-10 Gallon

12-16 Gallon

23 Gallon

32 Gallon

44 Gallon

55 Gallon

Recommended Size

24” x 24”

24” x 32”

30” x 36”

LD 33” x 39”, HD 33” x 40”

LLD 40” x 46”, HD 40” x 48”

LLD 38” x 58”, HD 43” x 48”

 If you don’t know the size of your container, you can measure the diameter of the top of the container which you can match to the first number of the bag measurement. The second number of the bag measurement should be matched to the height of the container plus 3 inches for overhang.

What Strength Do I Need?

 Our trash bags come in a variety of strengths. Below is a guideline for ordering the correct strength based on what you’ll be using the bags for:

 Light – For crumpled papers, cups, light waste, etc.

Medium – For packaging waste, wet paper, etc.

Heavy – For light wood, metal scraps, wet cardboard, etc.

Extra-Heavy – For heavy, sharp or wet trash

Super/Extra-Heavy – For heaviest cleanup jobs in warehouses, cafeterias or facility grounds

What is Mil and Micron?

Both of these terms are measurements related to resin density.

– A mil is a measurement based on a thousandth of an inch (.001). The term is most commonly used when selecting Low Density Trash Bags.

– A micron is a measurement based on one-hundred thousandths of an inch (.00001). This term is most commonly used when selecting High Density Trash Bags since you are interested in measurements that are of a higher density.

 Use this chart if you know what mil or micron bag you need:

Strength Grade








Low-Density Mil Gauge

.35 – .44

.45 – .57

.58 – .69

.70 – .89

.90 – 1.14

1.15 – 1.39

1.40 and up

Hi-Density Micron Gauge

5 – 9

10 – 12

13 – 14

15 – 17

18 – 24

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