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It’s World Toilet Day and sadly, not everyone in the world has the luxury of a working toilet

we have toilet tissue even for this out House aeastern.com
It’s World Toilet Day and sadly, not everyone in the world has the luxury of a working toilet. Find out how to take action here: www.worldtoilet.org

Working with Leading Zeros in Northeast Zip Codes CVS FILES

Hello From Don i hope this helps some one for excel 2013
Working with Leading Zeros in Northeast Zip Codes CVS FILES
If you have a national constituent base or are located in the Northeast you can’t escape those leading zeros on zip codes, but Excel and other spreadsheet programs often remove them. We provide a couple pointers for keeping your zip codes intact and accurate before importing them into LGL.

Situation 1:
You have an Excel file with a column of zip codes. On screen the zip codes look fine (08904) but the only value stored in the cell are lacking the leading zero (8904). You can tell this by clicking in a cell and seeing what the actual text is in the value/contents area of Excel. If you try to import this Excel file into LGL your zip codes will accurately reflect the value Excel has in the cell: 8904. Not a good result.


When you have your Excel file looking perfect (displaying the leading Zero is OK), do a “Save As” in Excel and save the file as a *.csv formatted file. (One of the reasons we strongly encourage using the CSV format is that you are better able to see what will actually happen on import.)
Check the CSV file by opening it with a plain text tool (don’t double click it) such as Notepad or something. Do this to confirm you are seeing the leading zeros for addresses that have them. Close the file without updating/changing it.
Import the CSV file with the appropriate mapping. Before accepting the import, check a few records in the preview (click the Full Record option) to be sure you are seeing the leading zeros.
Note: If you have an Excel file where all the leading zeros are not present, you can work with the above directions once you have corrected the zip codes to display properly.

Not all dust mops are created equal

Contrary to popular belief, not all dust mops are created equal. And what works for one facility or application may not work for another. When purchasing dust mops, facilities have myriad options, including a variety of yarn types, mop ends and backings.

Fortunately, jan/san distributors can offer guidance to custodial departments and building service contractors as they navigate dust mop catalogues in search of the perfect match.

Dust mops typically come with cut or looped ends. Cut ends are more economical than looped ends and are often found on disposable dust mops.

“We offer a cut-end disposable dust mop, because in a situation where the customer wants something inexpensive, we’ve found that’s the best way to go “It’s good for so many square feet, and then you throw it in the trash.”

Cut-end mops are more appropriate for customers whom do not have laundry facilities as they are less likely to survive frequent washing.

“Cut ends are for situations where you’re not as concerned about the quality of that mop, because you know you’re going to be buying a lot of them,” he says.

Looped-end mops, on the other hand, are more expensive than cut-end mops and fare better in the washing machine.

“One of the reasons people choose looped-end mops is because they don’t tangle and become useless in the laundry, “That’s one of the things that can go wrong with a washable cut-end mop.”

Looped ends are also purported to pick up a larger amount of debris.

“Traditionally it would be argued that a dust mop with a looped trim is a higher-end mop than a cut-End “The dust gets caught in the loops, so it can hold a larger load.”

Tthe most effective marketing technique is social media.

The internet made business global and many online marketing methods are being just so some business can stay afloat on the global market. Right now, the most effective marketing technique is social media.
• Engagement: Engage and interact with your customers, suppliers and other parties. Learn the proper modes and medium of social media engagements.

• Advertise:Creating ads that are relevant to the audience. Know when and where it is appropriate and relevant to use ads in social media.

• ROI: Measure the gains achieved through the social media marketing campaigns and strategies.

• How to use workflow and automation to solve problems.Learn what kind of automation software can be used to interact with consumers and how to remain personal in your customer service delivery.

There are many benefits of using social media marketing in business. Social media provides a platform in which businesses can interact with their consumers. It also gives businesses a wider access to potential customers.

Affiliate Program – Share in our profits simply by listing us on your website! AEASTERN.COM

Affiliate Program – Share in our profits simply by listing us on your website!

How It Works

Post a link from your website to www.aeastern.com by using either banner ads or text links (we’ll even create them for you!) – When a visitor to your website clicks on the link and submits an order, you will get credit for that order. Each month you will receive a commission check for all the orders credited to you (checks issued when commissions reach $10.00). You can monitor your commissions during the month by logging in to your account.

Earn Up to 6% Commission

As an affiliate of www.aeastern.com, you can earn up to 6% on sales generated via your website. We do all the work of processing the order, shipping it out to the customer, and answering customer inquiries.

Why Become an Affiliate?

By partnering with www.aeastern.com in our affiliate program, you will give your website visitor extra access to janitorial, office, and food service items. Because we have a great reputation of providing prompt, friendly service, you can be ensured that your customers will receive superior customer service. It’s also an easy way of earning extra revenue for your company. By sending us great customers, we thank you by giving you monthly commissions on their orders.

Data Feeds Available for Third Party Providers

We do have a data feed. If you are a third party tool provider for the affiliate community, we can make our feed available to you. We offer over 80,000 items for business and home use.

It’s Simple to Apply!

To apply, click on the login above to create a new account and fill out the application. Once approved, we’ll email you to let you know. Any questions? Call us toll-free at 1-855-223-5387 or 1-800-223-0887 and ask for Matt in our Affiliate Program department.

**The Fine Print: Commissions are based on paid, delivered sales. Commissions are not paid on orders that are cancelled or returned.

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