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How to Clean Dirty Dust Mops

1.Fill a bucket with 1 to 2 gallons of warm water. Add laundry detergent and stir to mix.

2.Remove the dust mop head from the frame. Depending on the type of mop, this means you will either untie it or simply slip it off the metal frame
3.Place the dust mop in the bucket of soapy warm water. Stir well with a dowel or large spoon and allow the mop head to soak for at least an hour.

Dump the old soapy water and add fresh warm water and detergent. Stir the dust mop in the cleaning solution and then allow it to soak again for a while.

Rinse the dust mop thoroughly in a sink under warm water. Follow with a cold rinsing and squeeze out any excess moisture. Hang to dry, preferably outdoors if

How to #Wax a Floor

How to #Wax a Floor
#Waxing or finishing your floor protects it, creates a no-slip surface, and adds an attractive shine. As long as you apply it correctly, and don’t mind topping up the wax once or twice a year, you can create a durable, beautiful surface. Where waxing once required you to rub a paste into the floor on your hands and knees, all but the most dedicated now choose a no-buff wax that you can simply mop onto the floor.

6 Simple Steps to Staying Safe and Secure Online

Simple Steps to Staying Safe and Secure Online

You’d think twice before walking down a dark alley at 2AM. But when it comes to online safety, too many of us do just that. In haste, we don’t stop to think about the seemingly innocent download or double check URLs before making a purchase. Scammers wait for a weak moment when our guard is down. Every day hackers write new code and develop new schemes to steal your personal information and money. But with a little vigilance you can keep yourself and your computer safe and secure using the following tips.
1. Keep your antivirus software up-to-date.
Anti-virus software is your best protection against one of the worst kind of computer problems – viruses. While most viruses enter via email or downloads, some can spread through USB disk drives, leading some companies to disable the port. It’s important to keep your anti-virus software current or enable it to update automatically.
2. Beware of downloading.
The fastest, easiest way for hackers to get into your computer is to get you to install it yourself. It starts out innocent enough. You visit a site to download a useful new desktop enhancement you’ve heard about. After poking around, you determine the site looks legitimate and start your download. What you don’t know is the software you installed also includes a few extra programs that allow them access to your computer files and passwords or include programs that watch your activity online. Often hackers will use someone else’s software and add viruses to it, making it hard to tell which software is actually genuine. If in doubt, conduct more research or ask for professional help before downloading.
3. Don’t trust email.
Email is a way of life, and unfortunately a preferred choice for many increasingly clever scams. Gone are the days of grammatically incorrect emails from a Nigerian prince. Today’s scams are well-written and more sophisticated than ever – a friend stranded penniless in a foreign country, an email for a “missed” delivery, confirmation of a purchase never made, work-at-home scams, immediate cash advances. Use common sense. Don’t download attachments, click on links or enter passwords or personal information unless you feel 100 percent certain.
4. Back it up.
Think for a moment about the files you have on your computer: proposals, invoices, spreadsheets, photographs, and years of work. Now imagine it’s all wiped out. It would be impossible to recreate, yet too many of us do not regularly back up our data. Whether using external drives or an online cloud-based back up program, it’s easy. You may never have to use it, but if you do, you’ll be thankful you did!
5. Different sites, different passwords.
Hackers know most of us use the same username and password for various sites whether they’re important sites – like your bank – or less important – like registration to an online trade publication. After all, it’s a hassle to remember or create a log for all your passwords. Using the same password, however, significantly weakens your security. If you’re not going to create a different password for every site, at a minimum change it for each site that has access to your financial data. It can save you a lot of grief down the road.
6. Log out.
Again, it’s a hassle, but offers greater protection. When you’re done using a site, simply log out. Next time you log in, you will need to type in your password again, but that can be a good thing because hackers don’t know it. If certain web pages are open, there are specific types of attacks that can take over and transfer money or wreak havoc on your system. Fortunately, most browsers can now detect this type of threat, but every now and then they fail. Logging out gives you that extra layer of protection and peace of mind.
The internet has become a necessity for conducting business and everyday life. Unfortunately, the nature of computers and vulnerability of unsuspecting users make it a prime target for the unscrupulous.

Toilet Seat Covers Provide an Extra Measure of Clean in School Restrooms

When it comes to observing good hygiene, children aren’t always the cleanest, especially when it comes to restroom practices. The best of children can fall prey to laziness, and even with regular maintenance, school restrooms—particularly toilet seats—tend to get the worst of it. One very easy, effective and economical way to keep germs at bay and ensure a healthy restroom experience is to utilize toilet seat covers.

Toilet seat covers provide a safe, protective barrier between human contact and germs that can potentially live on surfaces for hours or even days. They are also an ally when it comes to infection control and keeping students healthy, which is of vital importance for schools.

Utilizing toilet seat covers in the restroom can offer schools many benefits:

Fewer children miss school days because of sicknesses acquired by germs in restrooms and on toilet seats
Fewer illnesses for children, especially diarrhea, vomiting and respiratory illness
Fewer outbreaks of infectious disease

Toilet seat covers are paper thin so they can be safely flushed, yet still be durable enough to protect users from any organisms or viruses present on the toilet seat. In addition, they offer peace of mind—students won’t have to worry about the last person. Toilet seat covers provide an important health benefit to both individuals and schools alike, however, they are not a replacement for regular cleaning—and typical cleaning and maintenance routines should still be adhered to.

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