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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Copy Paper base weight chart hope this helps every one aeastern.com

People ask all the time about how thick paper is here you go for all your#copys
74 20lb bond/50lb text Most often found in your everyday copy machine.
90 24lb bond/60lb text Generally multipurpose paper used in the office printer. Also the most popular business letterhead or stationary weight.
105 28lb bond/70lb text Perfect weight for brochures and presentations. Excellent for 2-sided printing with minimal show through.
120 32lb bond/80lb text Perfect weight for brochures and presentations. Excellent for 2-sided printing with minimal show through, while being slightly heavier than the 28lb.
145 67lb Bristol Often considered the lightest of the cardstocks, great for self mailers with a flexible “soft feel” quick drying surface.
165 90lb index A durable cardstock with a smooth, hard surface for medium applications.
175 65lb cover A sturdy stock with a superb “soft feel” fast drying surface. Great for postcards, menus and posters.
200 110lb index Both 90 and 110lb index are the common weights for tabs, dividers and manila folders. The average weight of an index card for heavier applications.
215 80lb cover A heavy cardstock, your most conventional business card weight. Available in a wide variety of textures and finishes. This sheet is printed on 80lb cover.
255 140lb index For super heavy weight applications.
260 100lb cover A noticeably heavier cardstock often used for flat cards or invitations.

Changing your feed back in Amazon

How customers can change there feed back in Amazon here you go i did it in my own account so here is the steps to change or remove feed back
1. sign in to you account then under the search box it will say more order actions the 8 one down will say leave seller feed back then in the top left corner the will be a light blue link
that will say completed feed back click the light blue link you can go in there and remove the feed back you left or change the feed back you left
thank you Don Customer service let me know if there any thing else i can help you with ok
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